About Us

Welcome to Gent-Mode Barbershop, a place where men activate their Gent every day. The main task is to convey everybody in this atmosphere of ultimate masculinity - modern style. Gent-Mode is more than a barbershop, we provide classic barbershop services with legendary style. We also have a variety of products to complete your after cut maintenance.

With men’s grooming getting a 21st century kick up the behind, you can understand why Gent-Mode Barbershop has decided to get into this marketplace and move things up a gear or two.

Gent-Mode has decided to raise the bar in men’s grooming.
With their desire and passion to provide the ultimate men’s grooming experience. This means your visit to Gent-Mode will be an ‘‘experience to savour’’.

On arrival, you will immediately appreciate you’re in the right place, with the ambiance created by the beautifully hand-crafted interior which takes its design cues from a warehouse and then throws a modern twist all over it. Exposed steel roof work and bespoke equipment, touches of antiqued be@bricks , portraits of hip hop's modern heroes, LED copper sign, Oxford Pendant Vintage Lights suspended from the ceiling, all add to the eclectic and intimate atmosphere.

Take a seat and relax in our ever air conditioned store.

Once suitably refreshed and seated in one of the exquisite modern barber chairs, you will immediately notice that the barbers are keen to listen to your thoughts and ideas.

You are guaranteed to be listened to, advised and be extremely well looked after!

Now for the real business: by using old school traditional techniques with traditional barber chairs that can rotate and move in all directions, you might think you’d be spun round and tilted back for a massage. WRONG. These guys go for the front dunk! All part of the ‘experience’… simply listen to the copilot and it will be a smooth flight.

Gent-Mode is a top class barbering establishment, that understands the needs of the modern gentlemen.

Put simply, it’s been conceived by and engineered for men. Come in and take a look for yourself; you won’t be disappointed. So if you need a bit of a tidy up, a totally new look or just a beard trim make sure you visit soon.

We have a saying at Gent-Mode: “Come over here & Activate your Gent”.